Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Pain medications are a big business in the U.S., and millions of them are sold every year, for relief from all sorts of muscle aches and pains. Many people pop a couple of pain pills even before they experience any symptoms, perhaps on their way to the gym, to deal with any muscle soreness from their workouts. 

But even over-the-counter pain medications can have their problems. They're not addictive, like the opioid drugs that have caused such an epidemic in the last ten years, but long term use can cause heart and kidney problems. Increasingly, people are turning to herbal remedies to get relief from pain, because they can be just as effective without any of the problems associated with the standard pain medications. 

Here are a few popular herbal pain remedies.
. Arnica Montana. This formula can bring relief to arthritis sufferers, especially when use as a cream or gel.
. Capsaicin. Another topical cream formulation, Capsaicin can bring relief from neck pain, various types of arthritis, and neuropathy caused by diabetes.
. Cod liver oil. Although cod liver oil has been the butt of many jokes because of its taste, there is research that shows the omega-3 fatty acids in it can lessen some types of pain from inflammation. A local Jamison chiropractor recommends taking up to two teaspoons of it daily.
. Willow bark extract. This remedy has shown a particular effectiveness in treating low back pain.
There are other effective methods in addition to herbal remedies, including meditation and relaxation techniques, yoga, supplements, and local chiropractic treatments

Try considering a different approach the next time you deal with painful muscles or joins, rather than just reaching for the bottle of acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Young people are notorious for not thinking much about the future, especially when it comes to their bodies. They’re usually in great health, their bodies are strong and flexible, and because of that they don’t hesitate to lift things and expend physical effort that would cause a person in their 50s to back off.

But maybe they should hesitate.

A new study found by the best local chiropractor has found that heavy physical work at a young age can have long term effects on the back. The Finnish Institute of Occupational Health surveyed more than 700 Finnish men and women over a twenty year period starting in 1986, when they were between 18 and 24 years old, to determine the long term effects of heavy physical work.

What they found was startling.

Twenty percent of those surveyed reported a problem with radiating lower back pain. In addition, the chances of having this type of back pain in middle age more than doubled for the group of men who had done heavy physical work in their younger years.

It’s easy to figure out what’s happening here. Young men in particular are often prone to muscle their way through jobs without using proper lifting techniques. If you’re 21 years old, in good health, and you’ve never experienced lower back pain, you think you’re invincible. You’ll go ahead and lift that heavy piece of furniture and move it without a second thought. As the Finnish study shows, however, a careless attitude like that will come back to haunt you years later.

We need to educate young people on the importance of using proper lifting techniques, stretching and flexibility exercises, and also to speak to a Warrington PA chiropractor if an employer is asking them to do physical work that could result in harm to them.

It’s not easy for a 21-year-old to think about the long-term effects of his or her actions, but it’s important to ensure a healthy, pain-free life later on.