Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Doylestown Chiropractor Announces "Adopt A Family" Holiday Program

This Christmas season, Dr. Jeff and his team at AzzatoriChiropractic-Doylestown are partnering with the Bucks County Opportunity Council on behalf of their yearly "Adopt-a Family" program. Starting November 14th and finishing December 5th, our office will be collecting gifts requested by a family in need of assistance at this special time of year. We are asking for your assistance in this endeavor. We will display a "giving tree", with ornaments detailing certain items for each member of the family. All you have to do is take an ornament, purchase the gift, and bring it unwrapped to the office, it's that easy. If you would prefer, cash donations will be accepted and we will buy the presents on their wish checklists.
In addition to with the donation drive, we are offering a New Patient Special at the "Adopt-a-Family" rate of $ 20, which will be donated to the Opportunity Council to assist the project. This consists of a consultation with Dr. Jeff McQuaite, 2 x-rays, and treatment. What a perfect time to refer your friends and family to our office!

Our "Adopted" family is a single mom, 29 years old with 3 children; 6 year old daughter, 3 year old boy and a month 4 old son.

We are glad to be one of THE BEST chiropractic offices around, and we want to share our blessings we have been given this year with those less fortunate. We trust we can count on your generosity to help us as we look forward to a fantastic result!

Dr. Jeff, Pam, Kate and Tina 

295 Logan Street
Doylestown, Pa. 18901

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Doylestown Chiropractor Reveals Surprising Back Pain Statistics

Back pain relief is just one component of chiropractic care, but it is often a patient’s first introduction. Back pain is horribly debilitating affecting all aspects of work and personal life. If you are suffering from back pain, you are not alone. Here are a few facts about back pain that may (or may not) surprise you.
  • Back pain is the number one disability for those under age 45.
  • In the United States of America alone, there is an expected 31 million people with lower back pain at any given time.
  • Back pain runs second, after only the common cold, as the top reason for visiting a healthcare provider in the United States.
  • Experts place the likelihood of any person to experience some type of back problem in their lifetime at about 80%. That’s four out of every five people!
  • Over 50 billion dollars are spent per year in the pursuit of clearing up cases of back pain.
  • Around 30 to 40 percent of all workplace absences are due to back pain.
  • Approximately one quarter of U.S. adults reported having low back pain lasting at least one whole day in the past three months, and 7.6 percent reported at least one episode of severe acute low back pain within a one-year period.
  • One-half of all working Americans admit to having back pain symptoms each year.
  • Approximately 2 percent of the U.S. work force is compensated for back injuries each year
  • Lower back pain accounts for two thirds of all back pain-related cases.
  • More than two-thirds of back strains are caused by lifting and other exertions like pulling and pushing.
  • Most cases of back pain are mechanical or non-organic—meaning they are not caused by serious conditions, such as inflammatory arthritis, infection, fracture or cancer.
The key to proper treatment of back pain is to understand the cause. Remember, pain is always a sign that something else is wrong and if continually ignored may lead to more serious harm. Dr. Jeff McQuaite and his team are experts in assessing the root cause of your back pain and putting you on the right course to recovery.
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