Tuesday, January 10, 2017


The modern world is suffering from an epidemic of stress. According to a report shared by the best local chiropractor, three quarters of all Americans say they have had at least one symptom of stress in the past 30 days. That number represents 182 million people, and that's just in the United States!

Stress is something that is affecting the lives of more people than diseases like cancer and diabetes. It's been identified as a factor in a host of ailments and diseases, both physical and mental.

What’s causing all this stress? A Warrington PA Chiropractor says that money and job issues are stressful for 60 percent or more of Americans, while family responsibilities are stressful for 47 percent, and personal health is stressful for 46 percent.

Whatever the cause of our stress, we need to learn to deal with it in a healthy manner, or it will cause problems for us. Here are five ways to handle your stress better.

Simplify -- A complicated life is a stress enabler. Prune away the activities in your life that don’t resonate with who you are, and you’ll be more relaxed.

Pay attention to your health -- Eat a healthy diet and get daily exercise, and you’ll be able to handle stress without letting it affect you negatively.

Be here now  -- Let go of the past, and stop worrying about the future. Live in the present, and you’ll be happier.

Practice peace -- The sages had it right: maintain a peaceful attitude, don’t hold grudges, and be slow to anger.

Say thank you -- Gratitude is a great stress-reducer. Count your blessings every day, and you’ll achieve serenity.