Monday, May 22, 2017


Lack of sleep is a factor in many illnesses, physical and mental, and a Warrington chiropractor has warned that it can have long term consequences to our health. It’s true also that a large number of people do not get the required amount of sleep each night,

But it's not always easy to get a good night's sleep. Our hectic, stress-filled lives make it hard for us to fall asleep sometimes, and insomnia is a growing problem for many. Supplements which boost the sleep hormone melatonin have been promoted as a safe, natural way to cure sleeplessness, and millions of people use these supplements to help them fall asleep at night. However, the best local chiropractor warns that it is not good to use melatonin supplements on a long term basis.

It's not because melatonin itself is addictive; it is not physically addictive at all. However, supplements that boost melatonin levels at night can reset the body’s circadian rhythms, or “sleep clock”, and trick the body into expecting a melatonin boost at the same time each night in order to relax and go to sleep. Not only that, people who use melatonin supplements on a long term basis can develop a psychological dependence — they get anxiety if they try to fall asleep without taking their pill.

The best approach is to remember that these are supplements, and are best used an alternative solutions. If you can’t fall asleep because of jet lag, for example, or a stressful situation in your life, then it’s okay to use a melatonin supplement for a night or two. Most nights, it’s better to practice good sleep management techniques — don’t eat or drink too close to bedtime, dim your lights and turn off your electronic devices well before you go to bed, and think relaxing thoughts as you prepare to fall asleep. That’s the way to a good, restful sleep!

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